About Us

CurrentRF was founded by Michael Hopkins in 2003 on the premise that Current Mode Signal Processing is spectrally cleaner and burns less power than it’s voltage mode counterparts. The Company was originally a research based organization, focusing on and producing a new DAC upconversion technique and design called the RFDAC and a spinoff, the Current Re-use Mixer.

In 2008, the Company discovered a new form of energy embedded in all forms of Digital Signal Processing Circuits. This discovery has been exploited and has resulted in the production in 2013 of the CC-100 Power Optimizer(PowerOp) an Integrated Circuit that captures “thrown away” energy present in Digital Signal Processing Systems and re-cycles this energy back into the system for overall system power reduction. The IC is ubiquitous, in that it fits into any system that utilizes DSP, which generally covers the entire planet and beyond.

The PowerOptimizer IC has spawned 2 derivative products, the PowerStic and Exodus, USB plugin products targeted at the general consumer marketplace. The CC-100 and it’s derivative products have wide market appeal and cannot be found anywhere except CurrentRF. If one wants to reduce power with clean, efficient, high capacity, mainstream Energy Harvesting that matters to the general consumer, CurrentRF is the only place to go.