What Is It?

The PowerStic and Exodus are USB plugin devices harvest waste energy in computer systems, and recycle it back into the system for an overall lower system power profile.  These devices allow users to save kilowatt hours of energy and/or extend battery life when plugged into any empty USB port in any computer or network device, enabling each network device to run at lower overall monthly electrical costs, generating exponential savings over time.

Amazingly, the mechanism by which PowerStic and Exodus power saving occurs has nothing to do with USB port operation, but is simply a byproduct of the PowerStic and Exodus circuits combined with the high frequency coupling that occurs throughout every data processing system. (See PowerStic and Exodus System Theory doc). The USB port connection  simply serves as a convenient, accessible vehicle that allows the PowerStic and Exodus to function as a computer and network power reduction device.

We estimate that with even moderate data processing activity in networks, the initial investment in your PowerStic and Exodus device(s) will be recovered within three months of operation!

The proof of these claims and methodologies are based on tests we have run, the resulting data included in the Cloud Computing/Data center, Business Solutions, Mobile Devices, Home Electronics, Power Optimizer, and Reference Designs tabs, and You Tube Videos on this site.