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! If “Best Performance” guidelines are followed, we are so confident that you will see a marked difference in utility bill costs and in battery life when using the PowerStic or Exodus, that we are engaging in a PowerStic and Exodus loaner device trial program that will encourage potential users and buyers to try the devices before they buy or invest in them. The Try-before-you-Buy program is outlined as follows:

  • Apply for a loaner PowerStic or Exodus device found at the following link: Loaner Request Form
  • Upon CurrentRF acceptance of the above, a loaner fee (to cover shipping and handling) is required.
  • Once the fee is obtained, a PowerStic or Exodus device will be shipped to you for a two week evaluation period.
  • If you like the device and it’s performance and would like to buy the device, click the “Purchase Now” button on the Home Page or bookmark this page and click the “Buy Now” link above.


For more information contact us here.