Power Optimizer IC and IP

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The CurrentRF CC-100 Power Optimizer ( PowerOP) is the IC that is central CurrentRF Energy Harvesting Technology found in the PowerStic and Exodus devices.

The Power Optimizer (PowerOp) is designed to intercept digitally generated, previously unreachable and unusable noise currents and recycle them back into a given system, thus reducing system operating power and improving system battery life in systems by as much as 20%.

This technology was featured in the December 2013 edition of Microwave Journal additional hints. The article, “Tapping into a New RF Energy Source Found in Digital Processing Circuits.pdf”, found at the link below, describes the features of this new technology. The “Under_the_Hood” page also gives a brief overview of the PowerOP IC features and performance.

The datasheet for the CC-100 Power Optimizer, the” DS_CC-100_rev2.pdf” can be obtained from CurrentRF via the Contact Information Form: