CC_100 IC data

The CC-100 PowerOp IC is produced on IBM CM018RF RF process and is available on request from CurrentRF.  Characterization and applications data for the CC-100 IC are available on this page.

The CC_100_PowerStic_Exodus Performance.pdf gives a general technical overview of these devices with emphasis on the CC-100 at the core of the performance of PowerStic and Exodus The CC_100_IC_Design_and_Characterization.pdf shows the problems that this IC solves and the design and characterization correlation seen in testing.

The CC_100_IC_Demonstration_Board_and_Applications.pdf gives additional characterization data as well as the performance of the CC-100 IC with a built in logic noise engine, as well as applications material that is helpful in design PCBs that will allow CC-100 PowerOp maximum performance.