Introducing, the world of extendable Green power, at your fingertips. CurrentRF's latest innovation. Exodus™ and PowerStic™.

PowerStic and Exodus products save Kilowatt-hrs of energy (money) and extend battery life when the system is active, thus providing products and a service to power conscious customers that compliments their existing power saving strategies. We can Power Analyze your system and retrofit a PowerStic or Exodus device to reduce your overall carbon footprint.
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1What Is It?

What is this crazy technology? How does it work and how well does it work?...

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2Harnessing Energy

Energy is wasted constantly with no way to harness the lost power...until now...

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3So Simple

Truly Plug & Play, plug it in, and you're done...

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4Supported Products

Current RF is always expanding it's product offering, see what devices are currently supported...

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Client Testimonials

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  • The product(the PowerStic) gave me an extra 20-30 minutes of consistent battery life on my computer doing basic schoolwork, gaming, and just surfing the web. I would highly recommend it to anybody who needs an extra kick on their battery life.
    Drake M–College Student
  • It gives me up to a half hour of extra battery life when gaming for both 3D graphics and 2 dimensional graphics
    Elizabeth H–High School Student
  • The Exodus gave me up to an additional forty-five minutes of battery life while watching movies. I highly recommend this device to any college student that is on their laptop for any amount of time.
    Jonathan-College Student
  • All team members are sporting this tiny yet powerful device in their various mobile devices. A serious add-on that is a total game changer. Love it!
    Alex Curran – Voco Design & Marketing
  • Got one of these puppies for my birthday and I love it! Super charged MacBook Pro is SCREAMING!!
    Tom Tinkerson – Web Designer
  • Having access to extended power makes a HUGE difference in my design process. Finding an outlet is not always in the back of my mind. Noticeable extended battery life. Recommend highly to any portable computing aficionado!
    Jason Phegley – San Francisco Marketing Consultant
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